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Is Coaching For Me?
Coaching is fundamentally about improving performance and the coach’s role is to help facilitate that improvement through learning and change. Put simply it’s about taking responsibility for where you are now and creating the energy, commitment and plans to get to where you want to be.
If you can identify with any of the statements below then coaching may be for you.
  • I want to deliver transformational results for my organisation
  • I want to be the architect of an effective merger
  • I want  the performance of my team to be exceptional
  • I want to accelerate my personal and professional development.  I want to refocus my career
  • I want to improve a key relationship
  • I am new to my role as a Director / Manager, how can I ‘hit the ground running’?
  • I want to steer my business effectively through a tough economic climate
When is Coaching Not For Me?
Coaching vs Mentoring

Coaching is not the giving of practical advice. It differs from mentoring in that ‘mentoring invents a future based on the expertise and wisdom of another, whereas coaching is about inventing a future from the individual’s own possibilities’ (ref 3). The experienced Coach is unlikely to have the same technical background as you, but will certainly be expert in the process of coaching and able to apply this to your situation. Mentoring may be more appropriate for you if you are looking more for advice giving and recommendations.

Coaching vs other Professional Guidance

Coaching is very different from psychological counselling or therapy, as you are responsible for creating your own results. Is other professional guidance, such as medical, legal, financial, business, or spiritual more appropriate to your situation?
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