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Seven Fundamentals of Coaching:
  1. Awareness and Change - Coaching heightens awareness and enables change.
  2. Resourcefulness and ownership - We will explore your resourcefulness together. You have the ability and resourcefulness for creating and achieving your desired results.  The agenda is entirely yours and we will work at your pace.
  3. Whole person - Gaining a deeper understanding of you – your past, present and future, will enable us to work together to find solutions that are appropriate for you. 
  4. Honesty and Openness - Authenticity and honesty are important to achieve the most from our coaching sessions.
  5. Coach and Clients are equal - In this relationship we are equal.
  6. Confidentiality and Trust - As your coach I will ensure absolute confidentiality and create a safe, trusting environment.  I will not at any time share information you have given me, except if requested by you.
  7. Feedback and Challenge - My aim is to meet your needs as a coach.  I will ask you for
    feedback if you are comfortable to give it.  Please ask me at any time for clarification
    or correct me if I have misunderstood anything.

What will happen during the coaching process?
The coaching process will be based on the following principles:

  • Collaboration - between coach and client
  • Accountability - for specific action steps
  • Raising self awareness
  • Responsibility – the importance of choice
  • Commitment and building motivation
  • Action – congruent goal setting
  • Results – coaching is directed to specific outcomes
  • Many different tools and techniques will be used at
    each stage, from multiple professional perspectives.
How do I select a coach?
To make the process easy for you we can provide this
information at your request - *Click Here!
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