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Coach Profile: Helen Beckingham
Executive coaching experience
Helen is an experienced coach, having employed coaching as a key strategy in the professional development of team members, leading effective teams and delivering business goals. Helen has an excellent grasp of the challenges facing individuals and organisations. This understanding has enabled significant results through Coaching, including:
  • Leading organisational change including merger and acquisition, organisation and cultural integration
  • Defining and delivering business strategy and goals
  • Improving key working relationships
  • Defining and achieving personal career goals through accountability and personal effectiveness
  • Creating effective teams
  • Optimising communication in the global workplace

Professional Background / Business experience
Helen has 16 years of professional experience in industry encompassing:

  • Medical device product development to product launch
  • Company 'Start Up'
  • Established global organisations
  • Positions including Research and Development Manager, European Clinical Affairs Manager
    (Johnson & Johnson) and Senior Leadership roles with Stirling Medical Innovations
WR Helen Image

Approach to Coaching
Helen’s approach to coaching is driven by a desire to facilitate significant change, with a goal to enable individuals to achieve their potential. Primarily considering humanistic, behavioural, cultural and goal focused perspectives she is practical and results orientated.
Understanding that each coaching opportunity is unique, Helen holds the belief that everyone is inherently capable of personal growth.

In addition to a degree in Biomedical Sciences and 16 years of ongoing professional development, Helen is an Accredited Performance Coach (University of Strathclyde) and has recently been awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (University of Strathclyde, EMCC European Quality Award at a Senior Practitioner level).

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