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How do I select a coach?
Ensuring you have the right coach for you is critical to the success of coaching. The information below may support your own selection process.

The CIPD (UK) suggest some areas that HR practitioners should consider when selecting coaches:

Appropriate level of coaching experience Breadth of tools, techniques, models
Relevant business/industry experience Understanding of boundaries and approach to referral
References Relevant qualifications and training
Background of the coach Professional indemnity insurance
The coach participates in supervision (a formal, independent process of reflection and review) Membership of professional bodies - members adhere to codes of conduct and ethics with associated complaints procedures

Qualities/personal characteristics of effective coaches:

Self-awareness and self-knowledge Ability to design an effective coaching process
Clear and effective communication skills Ability to assist goal development
Relationship-building skills Ability to motivate
Flexibility of approach Ability to encourage new perspectives
Listening and questioning skills Ability to identify significant patterns of thinking and behaving
Ability to challenge and give feedback Ability to establish trust and respect
Ability to promote action Ability to build resilience

JARVIS, J (2004) Coaching and buying coaching services, a guide. London, CIPD

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