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What is Coaching?
Within-Reach defines coaching as a partnership for learning and enabling change.

Coaching is a partnership between two (or more) people - the coach and the client, you.
Coaching is about supporting and mobilising you to achieve your goals. Everyone has a natural potential for growth. Coaching is about taking a goal, idea or dream and unlocking personal resources to grow and achieve. It is about focus, intent, commitment and enthusiasm from both sides of the partnership. Above all, coaching is about results that can be seen, experienced, measured and quantified.

Other definitions of Coaching
‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them’
(ref 1).

‘The coach works with clients to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness in their lives and careers through focused learning. The coach’s sole aim is to work with the client to achieve all of the client’s potential – as defined by the client’
(ref 2).

‘Coaching helps individuals access what they already know. They may never have asked themselves the questions but they have the answers. A coach assists, supports and encourages individuals to find these answers’
(ref 3).

‘The purpose of Coaching is to help other people learn how to change their own behaviour in order to more effectively accomplish what matters to them and to others’
(ref 3).

Executive Coaching
‘A helping relationship formed between a client who has managerial authority and responsibility in an organisation and a consultant who uses a wide variety of behavioural techniques and methods to assist the client to achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction and consequently to improve the effectiveness of the client’s organisation within a formally defined coaching agreement’
(ref 4).

‘A practical, goal-focused form of personal, one-to-one learning for busy executives that may be used to improve performance or executive behaviour, enhance a career or prevent derailment, and work through organisational issues or change initiatives. Essentially, coaches provide executives with feedback they would normally never get about personal, performance, career and organisational issues’
(ref 7).

What is a Coach?
‘A coach is a person who facilitates experiential learning that results in future oriented abilities’
(ref 5).

There are coaches in my organisation, what are the benefits of an external coach?

Many organisations have very effective internal coaches. Internal coaches work well when a quick intervention is needed and detailed knowledge of the corporate culture is critical.

An external coach can be beneficial if you are looking to make transformational change, or if an issue is highly sensitive and confidential. In addition, an external coach usually has the benefit of in-depth training and diverse coaching experience.

‘The confidentiality, and objectivity to the organisational situation offered by an external coach allows people to be more fully open and honest about their issues in a way that would not be possible within the line management relationship.’
(ref 8).

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